2022, October 17: New Publication by AFSEM customer Wood K plus

Our AFSEM customers at Wood K plus used their system to observe quality metrics such as surface staind and scuff resistance of wood-based materials.

This publication highlights well the versatility of the AFSEM and its open-design. Our AFM was combined with a KEYENCE digital microscope to perform the measurements showcased in this Journal of Microscopy article 🔬

Click the link below to learn more!

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2021, September: AFSEM nano at Stanford University

We are more than thrilled to announce that we installed an AFSEM at Stanford University

After the installation by our colleagues at Quantum Design, the AFSEM can now be used in combination with the Thermo Fisher Scientific Teneo SEM and the Kleindiek Nanotechnik nanomanipulator shuttle stage at the group of Fritz Prinz.

We cannot wait to see the unique measurements they will perform using this cool setup!

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