The Team



Chris is a Physicist at heart with more than 10 years of professional experience in Research & Development and project management. He is leading the team at QD Microscopy in order to push the further development of unique correlative microscopy tools. In addition, he is overseeing the day-to-day operations, designing and implementing new business operations, as wells as communicating with the mother company in San Diego.

Chris loves to cook and is convinced that the only real pizza comes from his wood-fired pizza oven.

“I love exciting technology! Here at QD Microscopy I can act out this passion by working on unique tools for correlative microscopy.”


Applications Expert

In Hajo’s chest beats the heart of an inorganic chemist coupled with his passion of discovering new material properties at the nanoscale. At QD Microscopy, he is responsible for developing measurement applications in the field of correlative microscopy.

He likes coffee and believes that one day a unicorn will come around the corner and a rainbow will announce its arrival.

“Correlative Microscopy not only connects the worlds of chemical synthesis with the analysis of material properties, it especially has the power to provide deep insights into the nanoscopic properties of materials to answer the ‘how’ and ‘why’.”



Industrial Engineer

with a background in Mechanical Engineering, she is responsible for the product design. Furthermore, she is part of our marketing team and manages our online presence.

She is passionate about spreading the word about Correlative Microscopy and convincing everyone around her that there is no such thing as too many office plants.


“The versatility when it comes to fields of application is what makes Correlative Microscopy such a powerful analysis method.”


R&D Expert

Lukas studied materials sciences in Darmstadt with a focus on nano- and biomaterials. He used the AFM to look at structures beneath the surface and image the nanomechanical properties of materials. At QD Microscopy he focuses on the development of new measurement modes for different applications.

Sometimes he likes to be a completely different person, which is why he is on the stage as an actor since his time in kindergarten.


“Many exciting things happen in the nanoworld that we would not expect from our macroscopic environment and cannot see because of their smallness. Making this invisible visible fascinates me! Correlative microscopy makes it possible to look at the same thing from different ‘perspectives'”


R&D Expert

Sebastian is a physicochemist. In his doctoral thesis, he investigated the solvation structure at the solid-liquid interface using high-resolution atomic force microscopy. At QD Microscopy, his work includes the development of new measurement modes in the field of correlative microscopy.

Sebastian is very passionate about soccer, especially the one and only club: Mainz 05

“By means of correlative microscopy, different properties of a sample can be investigated simultaneously. Fascinating!”

Our Partners

We are more than proud to work with some of the leading scientists and institutions in the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, electrical and mechanical engineering, biological sciences and semiconductors.