2021, August: Microscopy and Microanalysis Virtual Meeting 2021

Learn more about the AFSEM at this year’s M&M virtual meeting, which takes place from the 1st until the 5th of August. On the 3rd at 12:30 PM Christian Schwalb will be giving a talk at talking all about magnetic and conductive measurements using the AFSEM.

You can also meet us at the Quantum Design virtual booth. We would love to welcome you there to show you how Correlative Microscopy can benefit your application!

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2021, April: AFSEM publication: Direct visualization of deformations in graphene membranes

Have you read this publication yet?

It is a great example of why Correlative Microscopy is such a powerful analysis method.
Using the SEM you can observe the deformations of graphene inflicted by the cantilever tip and afterwards analyse them even further by AFM.

Check it out via this link!

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2021, February: AFSEM publication: Granular Hall Sensors for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Have you read this publication yet?

QDM’s Johanna and Chris explain how nanogranular ferromagnetic Hall  devices fabricated by the direct-write method of FEBID can be tailor-made for any given probe geometry and show first proof-of-principle results on the use of this novel sensor.

Check it out via this link!

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2020, April: New AFSEM Publication: Nanostructuring of Copper Surface

Make sure to check out the latest AFSEM paper! Its topic is coloration of a copper surface by nanostructuring with femtosecond laser pulses. The AFM measurements were performed with the AFSEM at USTEM in Vienna.

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Coming Soon: The Brand New AFSEM®nano System

We are more than proud to announce that after many years of intense product development and research we will be introducing the new AFSEM®nano. Through our close relations with the current AFSEM users, we have been able to develope a scanner and stage which perfectly fits the needs of everyday users, whilst still delivering the high quality measurements you are used to.

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